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Tronkito -  MPT 1327 Trunk Tracker Software

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Copyright (c) 2004 - Warezzman

email: tronkito[at]unixforge.org


Tronkito is the first Open Source software (Free and source available) able to decode a MPT-1327 control channel  and to track communications you specify by means of the use PC sound card and the serial control of a  Icom receiver.

Recently Stefan Petersen  publish a modification of APE (Another Packet Engine) that provided a rudimentary capacity to decode MPT 1327, this source code has been extended to have a minimum functionality able automatically to monitor and track the establishment of voice calls.

Tronkito has capacities similar to commercial products like Ftrunk or Winradio Trunking Option.

It can work in one scanner mode (Icom), or with two (Icom for tracking of calls and  generic scanner  for decoding of control channel).

Tronkito was only tested under spanish MPT1327 networks , but should work with any network given some parameters and/or minor source code modification.

As it work for me i probably will not develop any futher version. But i will happy to publish any patch, improved version, or information to make it work in other MPT1327 networks, that anyone submit to me.


Download Tronkito versión 1.0


MPT-1327 Trunking

MPT1327 was developed in the United Kingdom, and became the European standard about 15 years ago. Since then, it has become the most popular analog trunking radio format in the world. It is interesting to note that the MPT 1327 protocol was kept out of North America by Motorola.

 Proprietary systems typically allow only one or two manufacturers to produce user radio equipment that will work on it. The MPT 1327 protocol has dozens of manufacturers who can produce radio equipment for it.

Motrola that kept MPT 1327 out of North America actually manufactures thousands of MPT radios for systems in Europe, South Africa, Australia, China and New Zealand, to mention a few. However, it promotes its own proprietary trunking system in North America, with no mention of MPT1327. In the same way although exist great amount of Trunktracking scanners no one of them is able to monitor MPT1327 ,  and until now, the existing MPT1327 decoding products are expensive and make use of propietary hardware.


Additional information

Current Feature Status

Tronkito software provides a minimum although totally functional capacity to monitor MPT1327 systems.


In less than two days from release Opus Condobalas have ported Tronkito to windows. THIS VERSION ONLY APPEARS TO DECODE CC. DOES NOT TRUNKTRACK Download Trunkito (Tronkito Windows port) Currently the INI file is set to common MPT1327 systems in Aus.