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AuthorCommits (%)+ lines- linesFirst commitLast commitAgeActive days# by commits
Rihab Banday29 (40.85%)13644892020-07-212021-03-09231 days, 2:37:09201
Georg Kunz16 (22.54%)10511662020-07-312020-10-2182 days, 21:02:43102
Victor Morales11 (15.49%)2671732020-07-302020-11-12104 days, 3:10:4683
Michael S. Pedersen8 (11.27%)16266092020-10-152021-02-16123 days, 20:52:4884
LF Jenkins CI3 (4.23%)6502020-07-132020-07-130:16:3115
Cédric Ollivier3 (4.23%)193252021-02-192021-04-1454 days, 0:09:0436
Pratik raj1 (1.41%)332020-12-232020-12-230:00:0017

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Author of Month

MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2021-04Cédric Ollivier1 (100.00% of 1)1
2021-03Rihab Banday1 (50.00% of 2)Cédric Ollivier2
2021-02Michael S. Pedersen3 (50.00% of 6)Rihab Banday, Cédric Ollivier3
2021-01Michael S. Pedersen2 (100.00% of 2)1
2020-12Rihab Banday2 (66.67% of 3)Pratik raj2
2020-11Victor Morales2 (50.00% of 4)Rihab Banday, Michael S. Pedersen3
2020-10Rihab Banday3 (37.50% of 8)Victor Morales, Michael S. Pedersen, Georg Kunz4
2020-09Rihab Banday3 (60.00% of 5)Victor Morales, Georg Kunz3
2020-08Rihab Banday15 (53.57% of 28)Georg Kunz, Victor Morales3
2020-07Victor Morales4 (33.33% of 12)LF Jenkins CI, Georg Kunz, Rihab Banday4

Author of Year

YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2021Michael S. Pedersen5 (45.45% of 11)Rihab Banday, Cédric Ollivier3
2020Rihab Banday26 (43.33% of 60)Georg Kunz, Victor Morales, Michael S. Pedersen, LF Jenkins CI, Pratik raj6

Commits by Domains

DomainsTotal (%)
ericsson.com30 (42.25%)
est.tech14 (19.72%)
samsung.com11 (15.49%)
intel.com8 (11.27%)
orange.com3 (4.23%)
linuxfoundation.org3 (4.23%)
gmail.com1 (1.41%)
gerrit.opnfv.org1 (1.41%)
Commits by Domains